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Another trip to Jindabyne

On January 11, the Gensemer family left their home in Umina Beach for another trip to Jindabyne.
    Jindabyne is a small lakeside town south of Canberra, Australia,s capital. Jindabyne is also in the slopes of the Snowy Mountains, the highest mountain range in Australia.

Day 1: Canberra and the trip there.

The Gensemer family starts on it,s previously taken route to Jindabyne, stopping at a friend,s house to drop off the dog on the way to the highway.

Within four hours they are in Canberra. As the largest city directly on the route, the Gensemers stop for lunch.

Highlights in Canberra:

Canberra is home to many shops and stores, including grocery stores, op shops, and game stores. The Game Capital is the best game store in Canberra and is one of the places the Gensemers visited.

Canberra, like every city, has lots of restaurants and cafes, one of which the Gensemers went to.

After another 2 hours of driving, the family arrived at the the house they were going to be staying in and got introduced to Zoey the joey! Zoey was a young wallaby rescued from a car accident that the Gensemers had to help care for.
As she was still young, Zoey was still in need of shelter.

The family went swimming in the lake before going to bed.

Day 3: The Yarongobilly Caves.

Yarongobilly Gorge is a steep gorge off the highway northwest of the town of Cooma. It has a river, a few hiking trails, and a thermal pool. But by far the biggest attraction there is a network of over 250 limestone caves. Even though only five of these caves are seen by the public, the caves are one of the most popular attractions in the park.

The first cave that was visited by the Gensemers, South Glory Cave, was reached by the family after a long, sweaty walk. Everybody was glad to reach the coolness of the cave to escape the heat wave.*

The entrance of the cave was under Glory Hole, a rock formation that Daniel Gensemer said resembled  a cathedral with its roof caved in. Inside the cave itself was large chambers, limestone formations and growing stalactites and stalagmites.
    The second cave the Gensemers went to, Jersey Cave, was a very different experience.

After having lunch, the Gensemers headed for Jersey Cave to wait for the tour guide. The guide pointed to some things at the view before entering the cave.

In the cave there were amazing limestone formations and crystals growing in water. There was a pond that reflected light perfectly. There were also amazing colors in the formations.

At the deepest point in the cave, the guide turned off all the lights. It was absolutely pitch dark, and if you waved your hand in front of your face, you would only see the illusions your brain makes, just because you knew it was there. When the guide turned the lights back on, we walked out of the cave.

That was the end of the visit in the caves, unless you count the dead snow gums along the highway...

*A 40 degree heat wave struck Jindabyne while the Gensemer family was visiting. This was the reason why the family spent days 2,4 and 7 inside.

Day 5: A trip on the canoe.

The Gensemers rented 2 canoes for two hours to paddle around in the lake. During the trip, some of the Gensemers learned how to paddle a canoe (Daniel, Arwin) and some learned how to steer (Wytse, Nynke). The family decided to paddle to an island and back and succeeded.

Day 6: Henry Barry Way.

An unpaved snakes due south of Jindabyne, following the Snowy River into Victoria and most of the way into the sea. This road is called the Henry Barry Way, and is devoid of towns. However, it has a couple of views and plenty of swimming areas, a target for the Gensemers, especially in the worst of the heat wave.

The family stopped first at a view, then drove a few miles further, stopping along the way. The Gensemers made their last stop at the New South Wales border with Victoria to go swimming in the beautiful river valley.

On day 7 it rained hard in the afternoon. Everybody was happy.

Day 8: The trip back.

On the way back, the Gensemers stopped at Canberra again to see the Questacon for the second time. After Canberra, the Gensemers returned home as the heat wave ended in Jindabyne. The family was unlucky about the heat, but the trip was still fun to everyone.

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