Tuesday, 17 June 2014

the battle in the hills part 2

     Karr, Gri, Eri, Hiera, and Foi were together eating the budding flowers of a bush. The tough buds that they could hardly eat were the only morsels of food they could find in a sad part of the forest where chemicals from a nearby polluted lake contaminated the plants.
     "These are the worst. Is there anything around here that tastes good?" said Gri.
     "We've flown around here all day. I'm afraid that if we want more food we will have to sleep now and search tomorrow. None of the grass trees around here are even budding right. And all of the seeds around here are sour." said Hiera, who seemed to be the leader of the group.
     "My wings are tired. Let's go to sleep." said Karr.
     One by one the rainbow lorikeets went to sleep. The only one who couldn't go to sleep was Foi, who hadn't had a full stomach in two days. He was feeling it was going to be a long night when he heard a faint sound 'Oom...oom...oom...'
     "Owl?" Foi wondered aloud. He thought it was a boobook owl, which he heard little about.
     Foi jumped. It was probably a bee or a snake. He woke the other rainbow lorikeets up.
     While the others were waking up, Foi saw the fuzzy outline of an owl perching on a branch close to him.
     "Are you an owl?" Eri chirped.
     "No" said the bird. "Call me Arcoi."
     "Are you a tawny frogmouth?" the more-curious-than-before Eri said.
     "Just call me Arcoi. Why are you not asleep?"
     "We had a restless night. We can't find any food." said Foi.
     "I once flew over a place with lots of seeds. So many grass trees and seeding bushes you won't eat all of it even by the time the now waning moon is full."
     Gri suddenly said "That's great! Where is that place?"
     "Over there." Arcoi said, pointing with his beak."Close to a tangle of rotting trees."
     The five rainbow lorikeets eventually went to sleep, knowing that they wouldn't have to eat sour seeds and tough, bitter buds anymore.

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