Friday, 31 October 2014

50 posts on Lyra's Letters!

Lyra's Letters has published 50 posts so far, so here is some information:

The origins:    This blog started out as a newsletter that we would mail to our friends. There were three issues published, and it was designed by Stephen(in 'Contributors'), and written by the kids(Wytse, Daniel, Arwin). I(Wytse) wrote mostly short stories, Daniel wrote mostly nonfiction posts, and Arwin submitted poems and comic strips. Lyra's Letters was made into a blog around 13 February 2014.

The name:    Lyra's Letters is an elected name. It was written on a list along with The Gensemer Times and other names, then the family voted for some of them. Lyra's Letters was Stephen's idea, so that we could put a picture of the family dog, Lyra(see the July article) in the corner of the newsletter.

The posts:     There are many types of posts written in Lyra's Letters:
Short story posts:
    Storm above the Alinian plains(March, May, June)
    The Battle in the Hills(July)
    "new book", "new story"(May, July, September, October, Continuing)
Nonfiction posts:
    How did the Europeans react to the Australian Animals when they were exploring Australia?(February)
    Medical uses of gold in the past(April)
    The first Australians(June)
    What is an endangered species?(June)
    Celebrating independence day(July)
    Black Saturday(July)
    To the top of the world(August)
    The weirdest animals of the world(September)
    Hallow's Eve(October)
Nonfictional/Personal posts:
    The Walkabout Wildlife Park(February)
    Another trip to Jindabyne(April)
    Blue Mountains Trip(April)
    How to get rid of an Australian land leech(May)
    Plastic of Umina(June)
    The Six Foot Track(July)
    Being a Writer(July)
    What to do with a paper and pencil(July)
Other posts:
    poem(poem, February)
    Stop the XL Pipeline!(comment, March)
    Homemade recipe(recipe, April)
    Energy(poem, May)
    Top 5 favourite books(book review, July)
    IMPORTANT MESSAGE(notice, October)

The contributors:    look at the 'Contributors' section. Stephen designed the original newsletter(look above), Nynke owns the blog, Arwin wrote a poem, posted in February, Daniel has made a significant contribution, and I(Wytse) have written a lot too.

I have learned a lot about writing ever since the blog started, and I hope I will keep getting better.

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