Saturday, 18 October 2014


The Lyra's Letters writers have produced almost fifty posts since February. Three stories have been and are being posted. And a quite a handful of posts have been seen by over twenty people. Recommended/popular articles include:

Medical uses of gold in the past (April)
paradise (May) (Cont'd as "The Battle In The Hills")
How to get rid of an Australian land leech (May)
What is an endangered species? (June)
Plastic of Umina (June)
Being a writer (July)
Lyra (July)
The Six Foot Track (July)
To the top of the world (August)
Stargazing (August)
The weirdest animals of the world (September)
Hallow's Eve (October)

The Lyra's Letters team would love it if our followers could send in their own contributions. We will publish:


*Can be any type of fiction, but has to be, at the most, 3000 words long.
**Has to be tested at your house first.

Anything not useful such as advertisements and inappropriate content will be discarded. Remember that anything that goes into Lyra's Letters will be edited. 

Thank you, the followers of Lyra's Letters! We encourage you to comment a lot.

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